Commercial Floor Cleaning in Orlando, Kissimmee, & Surrounding Areas

Huge expanses of floors in professional buildings require commercial floor cleaning in Orlando, FL. Seek commercial cleaning service from HCC Cleaning LLC, a family-owned-and-operated business. We have been providing commercial carpet cleaning for more than 17 years. Our commercial floor cleaning service offers cleaning, as well as refinishing for businesses in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Kissimmee, and Winter Park, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for floors that gleam with cleanliness. We do following floor cleaning services:

  • Strip and Wax—Tile, Vinyl, and Wood Floors
  • Stream and Shampoo—Carpet Floors

Restore Beauty with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It takes heavy duty steam cleaning to remove stains and restore softness to carpets that endure heavy traffic and bad weather. Our commercial carpet cleaning service excels in the use of steam to lift away dirt and pollutants. Then, we dry the carpeting thoroughly so that it remains free of mold and mildew. Carpeting cleaned our way does not pose problems for customers or employees with asthma or allergies.

Office Carpet in Orlando, FL

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service Preserves Flooring

Carpeting serves as a popular and practical option for flooring in businesses and offices. With routine cleaning, carpet holds up well under heavy traffic. The softness of carpet and its appealing colors and patterns prove long-lasting when it receives our professional steam cleaning on a regular basis.

24/7 Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Our commercial floor cleaning company is available to maintain a high shine on linoleum and hardwood flooring. We work 24/7 so our professionals are available at times when you do not have customers in your store. That way, we can do a more thorough job. Different types of hard surfaces require different methods and products for the best results. Our professionals have found the best cleaning products and developed the most effective methods to make linoleum look good and hardwood handsome. Request a free estimate on the cost of cleaning your floors on a weekly, monthly, or one-time basis.

Contact us today to clean hard surfaces and carpeting at your business building. We provide commercial cleaning services
for clients in Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Kissimmee, and Winter Park, Florida, and the surrounding areas.